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Can I File A Second Time?

“Can I File Bankruptcy Again?”

Don’t Write Off Your Right To File Bankruptcy Without Sound Legal Advice

Two myths abound regarding filing for bankruptcy more than once. The first is that, people cannot file a second time. The other myth is that second filings were made much more difficult when bankruptcy laws were amended recently.

The truth is, you can file bankruptcy more than once, even following recent changes to bankruptcy laws. The most common scenario in multiple filings is to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy after having filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Why? While debtors must wait eight years to file Chapter 7 a second time, they can often file Chapter 13 almost immediately after filing for Chapter 7.

How does this work? Chapter 7 allows for the sale, in most cases, of nonexempt property and the elimination of debt. Chapter 13, in most cases, allows for a court-approved payment plan at lower monthly payments and with a quicker paid-off date.

The result? Often, debtors can successfully pay off their car, reduce or eliminate other debt, and keep and remain in their home. Under Chapter 13, debtors can in some cases fully eliminate a second home mortgage, because in today’s depressed real estate market, second mortgages are often no longer secured by home equity.

Who Can Help Me Explore My Multiple Bankruptcy Filing Options?

While many people are uncomfortable with the idea of filing for bankruptcy a second time, multiple filings are common, can effectively resolve financial challenges and can save thousands of dollars.

At the Cincinnati, Ohio, bankruptcy law firm of Minnillo Law Group Co., LPA, we have handled thousands of bankruptcy cases, including many second filings. For more information about our firm and your bankruptcy rights and options, contact our offices.

Can I File Bankruptcy Again? Contact A Cincinnati Attorney.

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